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ShowReel 2020

This Showreel shows my narrative works from recent years.

4k Retro Futuristic 80’s City Stage

Retro-futuristic 80’s synthwave style day and night series. Seamlessly looping VJ animation.

Night Necropolis

4k concept stage animated background useful for Halloween.
  • 3840*1300px with 30 fps in quicktime photo JPG
  • 30 sec duration
  • Looped

Halloween Road

4k Animated stylish background useful for Halloween day. Horror houses, pumpinks, night mountains and helloween style.
  • 3840*1300px with 30 fps in QuickTime photo JPG
  • 50 sec duration
  • Looped

Asteroids And Meteorites In Space

Through a field of asteroids and meteorites in abstract space. Animation of flying through a field of asteroids and space stones in the space.
  • 3840*1080px with 30fps in quicktime photo JPG
  • 73 sec duration
  • Looped

ShowReel 2017

3D Modelling, Motion Design, 3D Animation, Rendering, Compositing and VFX Design

Enchanted Forest animation

4K 3D panoramic animation of enchanted forest. Various natural landscape with plants, landscapes and close-ups of different plants. Wide landscape, mushrooms,tall trees, sun rays, Fireflys, fairy tales and butterflies in this animation.
  • 3840*1080px resolution with 25 fps in quicktime photo JPG codec
  • 40 sec duration

Concert Stage And Led Screens

4k animation concert scene with Stage and LED Screens. Panoramic seamless footage. Perfect to use in music videos, night clubs, dance floor, LED screen, projection mapping

Disco Party Stage With Spotlights

4K Stage animation background with spotlights and ALPHA channel. Cool stage background for shows and VJ projects. There is a truss Girder, curtains, spotlights and disco ball in animation.

Jellyfish in the Deep

Short animation with fabric jellyfish from the ocean

Watterfals and Enchanted Forest

4k project with blackmagic fusion

4k Moon And Scary Trees footage

4096*1200 resolution with 25 fps in quicktime photo JPEG

4k video concepts for wide videowall

Matte Painting, Animation, Post Production, 3D Rendering

4k video concepts for wide videowall

Video Editing, Animation, Post Production, Rendering